About Us

  • The Victor Garden Club is composed of members of our community who are dedicated to promoting good gardening practices and creating and supporting ongoing projects that benefit the Town and Village of Victor.

This includes supporting and maintaining along with Town Employees, gardens and flowers at The Town of Victor Four Corners (at Rt.96 and Main St. Fishers), The Victor Town Hall, The Recycle Center; and Village Planters (along Main St), The Village Hall, The Victor Farmington Library, The Victor Post Office, Serenity House, Victor Ira Group Home Garden Therapy and The Gateway Signs located at The Town of Victor Four Corners (at Rt.96 and Main St. Fishers), High Street, School Street, Maple Avenue and Rawson Road entering the Village of Victor.

  • Some of our distinctive past projects include working with youth groups to plant flowers along Victor Hiking Trails. In conjunction with other organizations, clubs and artists, we helped with the hanging baskets along Main St., planting trees, flowers and gardens on the Victor Central School Campus, Valentown Museum, the Historic Victor Cemetery, the Victor Farmington Library, and the Victor Town Hall.
  • Our ongoing efforts include a DEC Scholarship awarded yearly to Victor Students, participation in the Victor Central School PTSA Environmental Fair, flower arrangements and plant donations to local organizations including Memorial Day observance for Military Families, monetary donations to World Gardening (Water for Sudan and Navajo Water Project), Victor Food Cupboard, Sonnenberg Gardens and The Victor Farmington Library.

The Victor Garden Club has up to 32 active members

Organized in 1971 – Federated in 1985

We are members of:

  • National Garden Clubs, Inc.
  • Central Atlantic Region of National Garden Clubs
  • Federated Garden Clubs of New York State (FGCNYS)
  • Seventh District FGNYS,Inc.
  • Sonnenberg Gardens Gold Member